How to Clean Your Glass Shower Door Like a Pro

We can all agree that glass shower doors are kind of a pain to keep clean. But how do we do it without using harsh chemicals? Here’s a step-by-step guide just for you: First, grab an empty spray bottle to whip up your glass shower door cleaner using a mix of ¼ cup dish soap,… Read more »

Detox Your Home After The Holidays

Time to detox from the holidays. But not in the way you think! Detoxing your home after the holidays will not only help you clear out the old for the new but re-energize your life and give you time and space to breathe! Here are some helpful tips to detox your home for the new… Read more »

Is Cleaning Your Home, Stressing you Out?

Cleaning your home can seem like an overwhelming request, week after week. But even small steps can make big impacts. Here is a helpful cleaning tip to help you get around from feeling stuck on time when cleaning. Set a timer and get busy cleaning one room or decluttering one closet at a time. Set the… Read more »

Cleaning In 2020 and What It Taught Us

2020 taught us so many things. But what did we learn about cleaning up clutter in 2020? Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, there is a real need to declutter and set up work spaces are needed and appreciated by everyone in the family. For many people, the biggest day-to-day change that last year has brought… Read more »

Silent Night

The holidays will definitely be different this year. Although we are being discouraged from having large, family gatherings and non-essential travel this year, perhaps this will be an opportunity to experience a more intimate and cozier holiday season. This could be the perfect opportunity to wind down the craziness of the year in a more… Read more »

How to Clean Cookie Sheets

It’s the time of the year to break out the cookie sheets and start baking our favourite Christmas cookie recipes. Some may have been passed down through the family or it may be a new recipe that you want to try out. But one look at your cookie sheets, and those plans may be shelved.… Read more »

Pump Up The Jam!

Listening to music while you’re working, or exercising doesn’t just relieve boredom – it can help improve the quality of your work by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood. The lyrics or catchy rhythm of up-tempo music inspires you to work longer and harder whether you’re jogging, studying or housekeeping. If there’s one responsibility that… Read more »

Need a Stress-Free Christmas This Year?

We’ve been working tirelessly this year through the pandemic. Christmas is one of the few holidays that we all spend at home with our loved ones. It is a time for homemade meals, family games, warmth, and comfort. And although there are so many things to be done for the celebration – like shopping, baking,… Read more »

Curry in a Hurry?

When should you throw away your old Tupperware containers? Reusable, plastic food containers are relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and unlikely to break. But like anything, there are cons (even outside of sustainability or wellness). Because plastic is not as durable as glass, your containers may bend or crack beyond usability. Plus, plastic is easily discoloured and can carry… Read more »

Are you Holiday Ready?

Get ready for the holiday season and organize your kitchen! With over a month away, Christmas is a time to bake, relax and enjoy family. Although Christmas gatherings may look a bit different this year, it is no reason to let the state of your kitchen go to the wayside. A well-organized kitchen isn’t just… Read more »