How to Clean your Fridge in 20 Minutes or Less

In my cleaning routine, the fridge is always the last to get really clean. I procrastinate about this appliance partly because I struggle to keep the vegetables from going bad on a daily basis, let alone keeping the inside of my fridge neat and tidy. So I’ve wondered how do I deep clean my fridge?… Read more »

Tired of Dusting, Then This Blog is For you!

Tired of dusting all the time? Here are 6 ways to keep your bedroom dust free: Wash your pillowcases and sheets weekly. Decrease surface area. Clear away those knickknacks and keep your bedroom décor at a minimum. Keep your floors clear. Keep clothes off the floor and regularly vacuum the rug. Clean with a damp cloth.… Read more »

Keep Your Bathroom Spotless Every Single Day!

At Tidy Time Saver, we’re always on the lookout for some great tips to share with our readers. Here’s a great one, 5 tips on how to keep your bathroom spotless every single day. Tip #1: Empty out the trashcan Even the smallest amount of garbage can make the bathroom look cluttered. Tip #2: Spray down… Read more »

Keep Your Patio and Deck Furniture Clean

I spend an awful amount of time outside in our backyard. With the kids home from school, it’s a nice change to BBQ up a few burgers and sink into a relaxing deck chair and watch the sun go down. Cleaning patio furniture may seem like a painstaking task, but if done on a regular… Read more »

Go Green!

Easy to make, environmentally friendly cleaning products for your home. If you’re like me, I’ve been making the slow transition from store bought cleaners to green household products. Not only are they really effective, but they also help you save some money. There are two eco-friendly concoctions that I suggest that will leave your house… Read more »

Easy Summer Garden Clean Up

We’re excited that summer is finally here! Now it’s time to get your flower and vegetable garden back into shape. Get your summer garden in top shape with these 4 easy tips! Remove all dead and withered plants from the soil to make room for fresh ones. Do not compost insect-laden plants. Instead throw them… Read more »

Why use a cleaning service? Here 6 GREAT reason to call us today!

If you lead a busy life with little free time to tackle the home, then a regular scheduled cleaning service will help transform your home from a mess to neat and clean! It can help decreases stress. For some just thinking about starting a cleaning routine can add stress to one’s life. So strike this… Read more »