Fall Cleaning Tips

Now that kids are back to school, whether through e-learning or in person, parents can finally be a little relieved that things will get back to a “new normal”. But having the kids home for the last 5 months have turned our homes upside down. There is a lot of work to do to get the house back into ship-shape. So, here are some tips we have gathered to help ease you back into a regular cleaning routine.


Dust all baseboards and remove any dirt or scuff marks.


Scrub them down with soap and water to remove any handprints.


Dust everything starting from top to bottom


Sweep and mop all floors

Kitchen counters

Start by removing everything from the countertops and then wipe the down.


Take your vacuum attachment and vacuum every crease and corner


Whether you have real or fake plants you’ll need to clean the leaves. They get dusty too.


Vacuum all rugs and if you have smaller area rugs, you can take them outside to air out and really cleaning under them.

Don’t forget the outside

Clear off the front porch and store all potting containers in a shed or garage for next summer. Rake up the leaves, put away toys and wipe down all patio furniture.

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