10 Tips to a Cleaner Garage

If you are a homeowner lucky enough to have a garage, chances are that you’re not only using it for cars, but also for storage. Over the years, box after box, space becomes limited and you wonder how in the world you’ve accumulated all this stuff! Now is a good time to sort that out… Read more

6 tips to get kids to help clean

Here are 6 tips to get your children to help clean around the house: 1. Make the bed Show them how to make the bed and encourage them to do this as part of a their daily morning routine. 2. Pick up toys Even young children can be encouraged to help pick up their toys…. Read more

Cleaning Tips for a New Pet Owner

So you have a new puppy! They can be so cute, but a lot work. Especially cleaning up after a pet that is learning to be housebroken. Here are some helpful tips to help keep you sane during puppyhood! 1. Managing Dog Hair Most dogs shed and with temperature changes from winter, spring summer and… Read more

Cleaning Your Home for a Quick Sale

Do you have your house listed? Call Tidy Time Saver to help get your house cleaned and organized for your next viewing and open house. We would like to share 10 tips that will make home sparkle for a quick sale: 1. Get rid of clutter. De-clutter your garage, closets and basement by putting on… Read more