You Missed A Spot – The Five Places Everyone Forgets To Clean

Everybody has a different definition of what a clean house is. But even the tidiest of tidiers misses something now and again. If you ever want to prove the phrase “nobody’s perfect’ to be true, swipe your finger across the top of your medicine cabinet or bookshelf. Chances are you’ll find a thick layer of dust. That doesn’t mean you’re a slob, you’re just one of countless people forget to check up top when cleaning. When it comes to cleaning routines we all live the idea of “out of sight out of mind” to some degree. Here are some of the most common places we forget to clean – keep them in mind the next time you’re giving your house the once over.

Under the couch

Vacuuming isn’t necessarily fun, and having to get down on your hands and knees to look under the couch to make sure you got everything doesn’t make it any more enjoyable. But the dark recesses of your couch’s underbelly are where dirt thrives and dust bunnies go to multiply, so make sure you check under the couch next time you’re vacuuming. And be sure to get down on the floor to see what you’re sucking up – under the couch is also where errand socks, remote controls, money and your kid’s favourite LEGO pieces hide out.

Washing Machine

Who washes the washers? People rarely think of cleaning out their washing machine or dishwasher because assume they are in a constant state of clean, with soap and hot water running through it constantly. That is until their favourite shirt has a funky smell. To clean your machine run a cycle on its own with bleach or vinegar and baking soda and go from funky to fresh again.


Just like the dishwasher, this appliance is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. There are commercial cleaners you can buy at the store, specifically for dishwashers, or, like the washing machine, you can run a cycle with vinegar to clean it out.

Garbage cans

People rarely think to clean out their cans, but that stinky garbage can leave bacteria and a funky smell long after the trash has been taken out. Clean out your can occasionally with hot soapy water or wipe down with disinfectant wipes when you empty the garbage.

Toothbrush holders

If you haven’t cleaned out your toothbrush holder in a while (or ever), you could be in for quite an eye-opening experience. The moisture from a toothbrush is a hotbed for bacteria, and as it’s something you put in your mouth, you want to be sure to remember to wipe out your holder every once in a while.

These five offenders often get forgotten because they aren’t a part of your regular, daily cleaning routine. And they don’t need to be. But by keeping them in mind and making them a part of your weekly or monthly cleaning you’ll stay on top of those forgotten places.