Hard-To-Clean Cleaning Tips

While most people don’t find cleaning fun (except for us, but we’re the exception to the rule), most of it is pretty straight forward – scrub, wipe, dust and vacuum. But what about those hard-to-clean surfaces or appliances, or those stubborn, stuck-on stains? They require a little more creativity (and sometimes a little more elbow grease) to get clean. These tips and tricks will make three of those jobs a little easier.

Coffee maker

You can wash your coffee pot quite easily, but cleaning the inside of your coffee maker is a little more difficult. Or is it? You only need one thing to keep your coffee maker spotless, inside and out: vinegar. Simply add a vinegar to your coffee maker like you would water and run a brew cycle. Once al the vinegar has run through your machine, run at least 2 more cycles of just water through to ensure all of the vinegar is out of the system. This works well for most pod-style coffee makers as well.

Shower curtains

Most people wash their cloth curtains can in the washing machine regularly, but did you know you can also put your plastic curtains in the wash? Wash them in a warm load with some towels, which will help scrub off mildew during the cycle. Just don’t throw the plastic curtains in the dryer.


If you have pets or kids, chances are you have a mattress with a urine stain. But you can get rid of them with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. If the stain is fresh, soak up all you can with a towel, then soak the area with peroxide. Let the peroxide sit for a couple minutes, then soak up again with a towel. Next, sprinkle baking soda generously over the damp areas, rubbing in as you go (a toothbrush works great). As the baking soda dries it deodorizes the affected area and soaks up the rest of the moisture. Vacuum the baking soda once it is completely dry and you’re done! If the stain is old, start with the peroxide soak. Works great to remove sweat stains as well.

As you can see, “hard to clean” can be easy with the right tools. And our Tidy Time Savers team can make your cleaning regimen even easier by doing it for you. Contact us today for a ‘clean’ conversation!

Happy cleaning!