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Cleaning In 2020 and What It Taught Us

2020 taught us so many things. But what did we learn about cleaning up clutter in 2020? Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, there is a real need to declutter and set up work spaces are needed and appreciated by everyone in the family. For many people, the biggest day-to-day change that last year has brought… Read more »

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12 Expert Decluttering Tips

From the bathroom and kitchen to the bedroom and office, these 12 expert decluttering tips will show you how to get organized for good. Get rid of duplicates Get rid of things you haven’t used in a year Digitize nostalgic items Don’t keep items out of guilt Put things back where they belong Find a home for… Read more »

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Decluttering During Covid-19

We’ve all been at home to help flatten the curve, and now many of us are taking the opportunity to tidy up and make progress in areas of our home big and small. Cleaning projects that we’ve been putting off have now come into focus and on our list to tackle. But with that said,… Read more »