Is Cleaning Your Home, Stressing you Out?

Cleaning your home can seem like an overwhelming request, week after week. But even small steps can make big impacts.

Here is a helpful cleaning tip to help you get around from feeling stuck on time when cleaning.

Set a timer and get busy cleaning one room or decluttering one closet at a time.

Set the timer for 30 minutes and get to work. Don’t worry about how far you’ll get or even think about whether it will be “finished” today.

Here’s your plan:

  • Straighten things up, like errant clothes and stuff that’s just sort of tossed around.
  • Vacuum up dust and dirt around the floor or other surfaces.
  • Go through the things inside and throw away things you’re not sure you need to the outbox. Aim for five things. Then if that felt good, five more. Then just… keep going… until your alarm goes off at 30 minutes.

If you feel that you’ve left things unfinished when time is up, take a moment to assess what else needs to happen to be in really good shape, then estimate how much time it will take you to complete that on another day. Then you are done. This will definitely make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Complete another room on a different day. Or you can always call Tidy Time Saver for help! 😉