Detox Your Home After The Holidays

Time to detox from the holidays. But not in the way you think! Detoxing your home after the holidays will not only help you clear out the old for the new but re-energize your life and give you time and space to breathe! Here are some helpful tips to detox your home for the new year:

Do a Deep Clean

Clear out the pantry, fridge, clean underneath the sofas, closets and scrub that sink! Clean all the areas that tend to be neglected in your home.

Get Rid of Excess Stuff

Clear out the overcrowded closets so your stuff has space to breathe feels so good! If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months, consider selling or donating it.

Get Rid of Old Make Up & Beauty Products

Dig through your cabinets and beauty storage, throw out anything that smells funny or you haven’t used in ages. All skin care products have an expiry date so toss out ones that are well past their due date!

Clean Out the Fridge & Pantry

Throw out anything that’s expired, or you know you won’t use. Toss out those old food containers stuck in the back of your fridge too.

Clean Your Car

Go through your car, throw away any trash, vacuum the floors, dust the dashboard, clean out the trunk and glove compartment

Digital Detox

Go through your computer folders and delete blurry picture and random files. Delete old emails and unsubscribe from any websites that you don’t visit anymore. Uninstall old apps you haven’t used in months. Clear the random files off your desktop.

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