Clean Your Windows The Right Way

There’s nothing worse than a dirty window. It’s one of those things you take for granted. You never really notice how much they affect the look and feel of you room until you actually give them a good cleaning, both inside and out. While it’s not top on the list of most people’s favourite chores, it can completely transform the room. With the beautiful fall we’re having it’s a perfect time to get out and give all of your windows a good cleaning before the cold weather comes. Here are a few tips to make the most of it.

Tools of the trade

Most people tackle their windows with a bottle of glass cleaner, some paper towel and elbow grease. But this isn’t the most effective or efficient way to do it. Paper towel can leave white, fluffy residue and actually create static that attracts dust. The best route is to use a squeegee. You can pick them up for peanuts at your local hardware or dollar store and they come in a variety of sizes to take on any window. Squeegees remove all of the water and soap, ensuring a streak-free shine. You can purchase a smaller one to get in the corners of a paned window, or cut one down to size with scissors or a hacksaw. It’s also a greener choice compared to using a bunch of paper towels. Once you go the squeegee route, you’ll never go back.

Simple solution

You can use glass cleaners, but you can also save money and just use hot soapy water, especially on the exterior of your windows, where more stubborn dirt, dust, water stains, bugs and more tend to accumulate. Soak your windows with a sponge, scrubbing the more stubborn areas, then remove with a squeegee. Repeat if needed. It’s that easy.

Washing windows isn’t necessarily fun, but when you have so many beautiful sunny days like we do in Saskatchewan, it’s the best way to invite the sunshine in.