Do Decluttering Right!

February is the perfect time to declutter your house – you’re a month removed from the resolutions of January you may or may not have honoured, and a month or so away from spring cleaning. Decluttering now helps you feel like you’re making your resolutions an reality and getting a jump on spring cleaning – it’s like a double whammy for feeling good about yourself! Decluttering can feel like an impossible task, especially because the urge to declutter usually hits you when you feel overwhelmed with stuff.

But there a few things you can do to start cleaning out the clutter and giving yourself some room to breathe.

Be realistic

The clutter didn’t come in a day, so don’t expect it to leave in a day either. Be realistic in how long it’s going to take and be methodical. Don’t just purge and dump everything without rhyme or reason. Take it slow and remember that every step forward is a positive one. The key is to not get overwhelmed by the clutter to the point that you stop decluttering all together, or over purge and get rid of things you need and use.

Go big first

Clearing out all the big, bulky items you don’t use will make a huge impact, giving you instant space and motivating to persevere. Start with old furniture, especially if it’s become a landing place for stacks of other clutter. Then move on to items like bedding, pillows, coats and towels. This is the easiest way to give yourself some room to breathe. It may also open up space for items you once deemed clutter because they didn’t have a home.

Don’t just purge, pass it on

Before you banish all of your clutter to the dumpster, see what items can be reused by others or donated. The Regina and Saskatoon Humane Societies are often looking for blankets and towels. Places like the YMCA and YWCA stores will also gladly accept clothing and household items in good, usable condition. You can also call your local Clothesline office and they will pick up your clothes and household goods, with proceeds benefitting the Canadian Diabetes Association. Declutter your home and do some good at the same time.

Whether it goes somewhere else in your home or to someone else outside of your home, decluttering is all about finding a place for the stuff crowding your life. Do your best to not give into the stress clutter can cause and celebrate the little decluttering victories along the way. Before you know it, you’ll be calm, clean and clutter free!