Keep Your Bathroom Spotless Every Single Day!

At Tidy Time Saver, we’re always on the lookout for some great tips to share with our readers.

Here’s a great one, 5 tips on how to keep your bathroom spotless every single day.

Tip #1: Empty out the trashcan

Even the smallest amount of garbage can make the bathroom look cluttered.

bathroom-2Tip #2: Spray down your shower walls after each use

Take an extra minute and spray down the shower walls with a vinegar and water mixture and squeegee the tile afterwards.

Tip #3: Turn on your exhaust fan when your enter the bathroom

That helps keep the air inside the bathroom fresh.

Tip #4: Keep your clothes hamper nearby

Instead of leaving your clothes piled up on the floor, place them inside a hamper to cut down on clutter.bathroom-3

Tip #5: Wipe down the counter after each use

Try simply wiping down the soap from the counter each day to ward off any build up before it hardens.

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