How to Clean your Fridge in 20 Minutes or Less

In my cleaning routine, the fridge is always the last to get really clean. I procrastinate about this appliance partly because I struggle to keep the vegetables from going bad on a daily basis, let alone keeping the inside of my fridge neat and tidy. So I’ve wondered how do I deep clean my fridge? Here’s an easy method that I found and would like to share with you:


  1. Remove everything from the fridge.
  2. Toss anything that is expired or moldy.
  3. Combine the same condiments in one jar to eliminate any extra containers
  4. In the freezer, throw out any meats or vegetable that have freezer burn
  5. Remove all drawers and let them soak in warm soap and water. Scrub them clean and completely dry them out before placing them back in the fridge
  6. Wipe down all shelves with vinegar and water
  7. Scrub any spills and grime off the walls of the fridge and freezer
  8. Put everything back organizing contents by produce, meats, freezer items, etc.
  9. Make sure your storage bins are set to the proper humidity
  10. Clean the outside of the fridge
  11. Now you can enjoy your freshly, cleaned fridge!

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