Summer Cleaning Tips

Summers in Regina are always the nicest with blue skies and longer, sunny days. Kids are home from school and it’s time to relax. Do you feel that some days it seems like your house never really gets clean? Here are 4 helpful tips to keep your house spotless during the summer:

  1. With the increased heat outside, your pets will shed more. Stay on top of regular grooming habits and vacuum up all pet hair and dander left behind on couches and rugs at least twice a week.
  1. During the summer we tend to host more family get-togethers and the kids always have their friends over. Like pet hair, dust will build up more during the summer than in the colder winter months because the home is more active than it usually is. So dust at least 2-3 times per week to keep dust bunnies and allergens at bay.
  1. Keep your front entryway clean. Vacuum and mop the front entryway to keep allergens down especially after mowing the lawn. Little grass cuttings make their way into the house as well as little microbes of dirt from the garden. Keep this area of the house clean as much as possible.
  1. Keep your linens clean. That includes washing all bed sheets and towels on a regular basis. We tend to sweat more in the summer and that sweat can transfer onto our bed sheets at night. Also, we tend to take more showers than usual to clean off the sweat especially after a hot day.

House cleaning in the summer is essential to our cleanliness and health and generally needs performed more often in the hot weather than in colder weather, mainly due to increased allergens in the air and additional activity in your home.

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