Pack Away Those Winter Clothes

When the seasons start to change, our wardrobe changes as well. Here are 8 easy ways to pack away your winter wear.

  1. Thin out your wardrobe. Donate what no longer works or fits and discard clothes that are damaged and beyond repair.
  2. Before you pack everything away, clean everything first. Make sure your clothes are dry. Moisture will cause mold to build on fabric.
  3. Check pockets and remove all plastic from your garments because plastic traps moisture and that will damage fibers.
  4. Invest in plastic bins. They work well season to season and are easily stackable in a closet.
  5. When putting sweaters about, don’t place them on hangers. This will cause them to misshapen.
  6. Gently fold coats into boxes, storage bins or bags. This will help retain the shape of your coats.
  7. Pack shoes and winter boots with tissue paper to keep their shape.
  8. Store all clothes in a cool, clean, dry and dark place.

– The Tidy Time Saver Team

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