Declutter Your Home with These Tips

You’ve had enough. Just trying to hang one more shirt in the closet makes you cringe hoping that the entire closet doesn’t explode. But what can you do? It’s time to take action and purge all the excess stuff you’ve accumulated since the early 90’s and simplify your life once and for all. Declutter your home with these tips.


We are all guilty of hanging on to clothes that don’t fit. Some still have the original sales tags on them with the foolish dreams of wearing them one day. Sorry to break it to you, but they have to go. Tackle the closet with one mission, to get rid of items you haven’t worn in the last year. Grab that donation basket and start taking each item off the hanger, one at a time. Before you know it, you and your closet with breathe a sigh of relief.


Every growing family can agree that they have way too much junk. Toys being one of the largest of the unwanted stuff that needs to be rid of once and for all. Empty out that toy chest and donate toys your children have outgrown. Better yet, if you know someone who can use them and if they are in good condition, drop them off. They will be appreciated with the cost of new toys these days. You can even inject some fun into this activity by including your kids in this. Let them help you choose what toys they no longer play with and can part ways with without tears.

Kitchen Gadgets

Like most households, we accumulate kitchen gadgets like they are going out of style. Do you have an implement for everything? Do you use them on a regular basis? Go through your cupboards and get rid of items that you never use. That includes all kitchen tools, implements and plastic containers.

The Basement and Garage

Do you use your basement or garage as a storage place? Is this where you pile up old magazines, gifts you’ve never used, old clothes, exercise equipment, etc.? Can’t even park your car in the garage? Time to declutter and make space so these areas can be used again. Recycle as much as you can. If some of your stuff is still usable and in good condition, set them aside for the summer and hold a garage sale to get rid of it once and for all. But if you want immediate results, its best to donate them to a charity like Goodwill.


Make-up does have an expiration date and like most, we tend to ignore that fact. Go through your bathroom drawers and throw away old make up that you’ve hung onto for one year or more.


Now don’t you feel better? Creating a clean space will make you feel better. Don’t just clean around your clutter—get things in order once and for all!

– The Tidy Time Saver Team


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