End of Summer Gardening Tips

In the spring, we all get the itch to put in our flower and vegetable gardens. We diligently planted, pruned, primped and watered our gardens with hopes of a beautiful bounty. But now that the weather is cooler, it signals us that our gardening days are coming to an end. But now is an excellent time to get your lawn and garden in order for the next spring season with these helpful tips:

  1. Rake and bag up all dead and fallen leaves on the ground.
  2. Continue to water and mow your lawn, as needed and as the season draws to a close, drop the mower’s blade to its lowest setting for the last two cuttings of the year. By doing this, it will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.
  3. Aerate your lawn so that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can easily reach the grass’s roots.
  4. The fall is a great time to fertilize your grass.
  5. Autumn is also a great time of year to fix any bare, bald spots in your lawn. The quickest, easiest way to do this is with an all-in-one lawn repair mixture.
  6. Kill those weeds. Weeds like most plants are in the energy-absorbing mode during the fall. They’re drinking in everything that comes their way, including weed killers. Apply weed killer so they won’t return in the spring.
  7. Plant your tulips bulbs now before the winter sets in.
  8. Plant your shrubs and keep waters until the ground freezes. Then cover the smaller shrubs to help keep them insulated and keep the roots at a constant temperature.

– The Tidy Time Saver Team

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