Enter at Your Own Risk!

Is your teenagers room considered a bio hazard? From crusty socks and underwear left on the floor to moldy dishes left underneath their bed, your teenager’s room could very well be a nasty place. Here are some helpful tips to help them clean up their act!

  1. Sit down with your teen and talk about a plan of action. Set up a daily or weekly routine for them to follow.
  1. Help them out to get started. For the first few weeks, share responsibilities to demonstrate how they should tidy up their room so they know what you want from them.
  1. Talk about the difference between untidy and unsanitary and define clearly what your expectations are.
  1. Give them some control over how their space looks and where things are kept.
  1. Set an example for them. It helps a lot if everything has a home.
  1. Don’t nag and don’t give up! Stepping in and cleaning your child’s room will ultimately work against you.
  1. Se reasonable expectations and reasonable consequences. If they fall back to their old ways, put their computer is on hold until their chore done. Then you work on something else tomorrow.

Teaching our kids how to keep their stuff in order, whether they have a room or a corner of their own, puts important life skills at work to give them positive life building skills for when they are grownup.

How do you get your teenager to clean their room? We would love to hear from you!