Grill Up!

Summer is here and so is BBQ season but your grill looks like it needs a good cleaning. Here are some easy steps to clean last years’ left over residue and dirt build up so you can enjoy that nice steak dinner.

Whatever you do, try not to disassemble the BBQ as re-assembly can be a big pain. Not only that but failure to re-assemble your BBQ correctly may cause a safety hazard. Always read the owners manual before you clean. And ALWAYS disconnect the gas container before doing anything.

We try to recommend ways to clean without using harsh chemicals, This is because it can affect the taste and smell of the food for the next few BBQ uses. Who wants a burger that tastes like oven cleaner anyways?

The first way to tackle the dirt and grime is to use remove the grills and use a stiff BBQ brush with either laundry soap or Dawn and warm water. Make sure you thoroughly rinse the grill afterwards and use care on painted surfaces. For the burners, just wipe them clean with a soft rag.

Whatever you do, do not use high-pressure hand washers or spray your garden hose directly on the BBQ. This can cause more problems than you know. By flushing out the grease that way, it can get inside the burners or splash everywhere in your garden attracting ants. As well, it can affect the gas flow and proper function of your treasured BBQ. So be careful.

Another good way to clean the grills is to do it while the BBQ is still warm. It makes it a little easier to remove the grime before everything gets bakes and crusted on.

The easiest way to clean the grills is to just throw them into the dishwasher and set the pot scrubber cycle and let it do the hard work for you. They may not take off the black caked on parts but all the food and grease will be washed away.

Your BBQ should get a really good scrub down at least one a year. Remember to use caution and always refer to the owner’s manual for advice.

Now sit back and enjoy your summer!