Cleaning Tips for a New Pet Owner

So you have a new puppy! They can be so cute, but a lot work. Especially cleaning up after a pet that is learning to be housebroken.

Here are some helpful tips to help keep you sane during puppyhood!

1. Managing Dog Hair

Most dogs shed and with temperature changes from winter, spring summer and fall, some breeds shed more than others. A helpful tip to manage dog hair is to grooming your pup regularly will help diminish the problem. You can pick up grooming tools to use at home or look for a local groomer who can help with regular brushing.

2. Pet Hair on Floors

The best way to eliminate pet hair on floors is to vacuum several times a week using full suction. Pick a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. For wood and other hard floors, use an electrostatic mop, as they tend to be more efficient than vacuums since they don’t blow the hair around.

3. Pet Hair on Clothes and Furniture

The best way to take care of loose hair on your clothes and furniture is to use a tape roller. Carry one in your purse or leave in your office desk drawer to help eliminate hair on your clothes.

4. Keep Paws Clean

The easiest solution to keep your pet’s paws clean is to leave a towel by the front door. Encourage your new pup with treats to help them stay still while you make this a routine to do after each walk.

5. Don’t Let Pee Stains Set

Blot fresh stains with a clean cloth. After absorbing as much moisture as possible, apply a solution of 1/4 teaspoon clear dishwashing (preferably Dawn detergent) liquid mixed with one cup water; blot with another clean, dry towel. Rinse by blotting with a towel dampened with water. Continue alternating with a soapy towel and a clean, damp towel until the stain is gone. For tougher stains, deep carpet cleaner may be required. Follow instructions on can before using especially if you have dark coloured carpets.

6. Safeguard Furniture

Most people lose the battle to keep pets off of furniture, especially if you’re at work all day. A helpful tip would be to place an old towel or sheet where the family dog likes to lounge, and simply toss the cover in the wash each week.

7. Protecting Hard Wood From Scratches

This is a tough one, especially when you have a new, excitable puppy in the house. A couple ways to protect your hard wood is to lay down carpet runners. The other is to keep dog’s nails trimmed regularly.

8. Protect the floor under Food and Water Dishes

A helpful way to protect your carpet or hardwood under food and water dishes is to use a plastic shoe mat that you can pick up at any local hardware store. Immediately clean up any spilled water so it doesn’t destroy your flooring.

Having a new pet in the house is a lifestyle change, but one that provides unconditional love. Enjoy your time with your pet and create good, long-lasting behaviours to keep your household sanity.