Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. Use a lint roller to clean dust off lampshades
  2. Scrub down those garbage cans
  3. Mix baking soda, water and dish detergent to spray down and clean that grimy oven
  4. Clean out the microwave out by mixing vinegar and water together in a bowl. Set the microwave for 10 mins. Remove bowl safely and wipe down microwave.
  5. To clean windows use 1-cup white distilled vinegar mixed with 1-cup water Combine in a labeled spray bottle, spray and wipe with paper towels.
  6. Tackle closets one room at a time to reorganize and throw out old linens
  7. Wipe down walls and ceilings and for stubborn stains, use solvent-free degreaser
  8. Vacuum upholstery and wash or dry clean cushions
  9. Spray bleach on grout for a cleaner bathtub
  10. Change your batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarm