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Let Tidy Time Saver do the housework for you.

Tidy Time Saver is a professional house cleaning company that’s been proudly serving Regina, Saskatoon and surrounding area for over 16 years. Our exceptionally trained, friendly and courteous staff is ready to make your home sparkle. We take great pride in ‘Exceeding your Expectations’ with every cleaning.

About Owner, Sharla Shaw:

Company owner, Sharla Shaw, graduated with honours from Carleton University in Ottawa with an Undergraduate Degree in Law and Criminology. After working in the criminology field for some time, Shaw decided it was time to start her own business. That’s when Shaw turned her love of cleaning into a sparkling new house cleaning career. “Cleaning has always been a passion of mine and I pass this along to all of my employees,” Shaw says. “We care about providing a consistent, thorough clean and our staff take great pride in the house cleaning service they provide.”

It’s now been 16 years ago since Tidy Time Savers opened in Regina. And most recently, they have expanded to Saskatoon. Tidy Time has more than 30 full-time staff that share the same love for cleaning that she has.

Hundreds of families have benefitted from her services to ensure a healthy, happy, clean home.

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